What is Digital Marketing and what is its Importance?

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What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the advancement of products and brands via one or more forms of electronic media such as social media, email, Google search and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. Marketing has always been about connecting with your customers in the right place and at the ...
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Approach to Search Engine Optimization

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  Before starting SEO of any project, it is important to know the process involved in a successful SEO campaign. To do so break the process into six step shown below. 1)    Keyword Research: – Keyword research means phrases of keyword that are used in optimization. Keyword research is the balanced combination of two factors high ...
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Mission Possible

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Dear Business Owners We all read a lot about Online presence, Online Marketing, and Online Sales… Remember Amazon or Flipkart are online stores selling the products and that is not all the scope for online business. Your website, your Mobile App, your Facebook Page, your LinkedIn Page and your YouTube channel are all valuable assets […]
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