Product delivery is time-consuming process which will be hand on handwork with Development and Operations team. DevOps has made this job easier to bring down the required time. Continuous Integration and Delivery is the best solution now a days for Automating build and delivering with zero downtime.
We have DevOps professionals who can provide all the required services. Our primary goal is to achieve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to automate the Build process. So starting with Code storage and deploying it on the Customer site we take care of all essential activities. Below are few of them

  1. Plan – Provide best solution for Code storage, Build tools and Cloud environment for delivery.
  2. Implementation – We can implement required Tools, environments for Build and CI/CD process.
  3. Other Essential Services-
    1. Security – We focus on security of Customer portal and also entities(Servers). We always prefer to have fewer security threats.
    2. Agile Process – We prefer to use Agile Scrum Methodology which will give glimpse of Product delivered.
    3. Cloud Computing – Cloud computing is best suitable and available to everyone for achieving automation. We always prefer cloud computing resources which will be available anywhere and easily accessible.
    4. Automation Testing – We can provide testing platform which can be used for automated testing and to analyse them at initial stage.
  4. Project, Release and Change management expertise to follow a process oriented development and deployment.